About the OTP Core

The OTP Core is the Community & Artistic Advisory Board. They are committed to a given series at OTP and to the success of the company as a whole while focusing on their personal involvement in different facets of the OTP Community. As audience members, creators, collaborators and trusted voices in our world, they bring to life many of the ideas that grace our stage. The time commitment is minimal with monthly meetings and asks to be at as many OTP events as possible during the series run. Most important is the voice of each CORE member, they will get a say in what we produce, how we engage our community and more. 

2020 OTP Core Members 

Evelyn Holley, Alex Smith, Cathy Messier, Sarah Jacobs, Michael John Ciszewski, Hunter McKee, Howard Zilber, Dustin Bell Georgia Buck & Damien Dakotah Lacount




Your gift to OTP supports local artists, expands theatrical opportunities in your community, and provides the base on which we build quality, engaging, thoughtful work. Consider increasing the impact of your gift by making it monthly!

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