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In 1833, to further their education, two dozen African American girls traveled from across the free states to a new school in a small Connecticut town. They met insults, assaults, and a new law threatening fines and whippings if they remained. Their teacher, a white Quaker woman, was jailed. With their school on trial, they challenged the law itself – their defense, simply that, as they were born in this country, they were citizens entitled to every right of citizenship. Weaving together past and present, AN EDUCATION IN PRUDENCE traces this story through the eyes of young women visiting the modern-day museum about these events and grappling with how to claim America’s promise in the face of powerful men with different views of what makes our nation great.


February 9 thru February 24, 2018


St. John's Church

1 Roanoke Ave.

Jamaica Plain, MA 02130


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Sat - Feb 10 @ 3PM --The Origins of An Education In Prudence Throw out your textbooks and the history you think you know!  Historian Beth Miller will provide a window into the little-known true events that inspired the play and answer audience questions about the real people and places brought to life by OTP's An Education In Prudence.


Sat - Feb 17 @ 3PM -- Race, Equity, and Opportunity in the Classroom More than 60 years after Brown v. Board of Education and decades after Boston's "busing crisis," race-based inequities still exist in our public schools.  How can teachers create environments in which all students can succeed?  How can communities support policies that promote equity in education?  Boston Public Schools alumnus and teacher Francis Pina shares his insights.


Sun - Feb 18  @ 3PM – Social Justice and Our Community St. John’s Episcopal Church Rector, Rev. Ted Cole Jr. joined by the St. John’s Youth Group will lead a discussion about the importance of community partnerships, like that between St. John’s and Open Theatre Project, in relation to their Social Justice Initiative. He will discuss how An Education in Prudence explors  the responsibility of the community to not only create a dialogue, but follow that up with action.


Sat - Feb 24 @ 3PM --Making A New Play What's a workshop?  A staged reading?  How do playwrights collaborate with directors and actors to revise and develop their work?  How did An Education In Prudence evolve through a development process with OTP's Plays In Progress program?  Join playwright Stefan Lanfer and director Pascale Florestal to learn how a new play is made.




Playwright - Stefan Lanfer
Director - Pascale Florestal
Dramaturg - Phaedra Scott
Historian - Beth Miller
Stage Manager - Aisha Stewart
Assistant Stage Manager - Margaret Kosten
Production Manager - Dustin D. Bell
Technical Director - Ben Lieberson
Producer - Alexandra Smith
Lighting Designer -  Evan DelGaudio
Scenic & Props Designer - Abby Shenker
Costume Designer - Rachael Linker
Sound Designer - Grant Furgiuele

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