Open Theatre Project’s Plays in Progress® is our new play development lab. It’s where great plays and other creative ideas begin to take shape through collaboration with some of the most exciting artistic voices in Greater Boston. The development process is customized to the needs of the project, and could include workshops, rehearsals, and/or other work sessions. As a community-engaged theatre company, OTP deeply values the role of audience response, and so all Plays In Progress® projects culminate in a public sharing of the work in-progress and an opportunity for dialogue around the work’s form and content. Workshops, rehearsals, readings, and other presentations are held at St. John’s Church and other community venues in Greater Boston. 

The OTP Plays in Progress® is Produced by OTP Core Member & Multi-Hyphenated Theatre-Maker, Alexandra Smith.



(a new myth for a hotter world)

Readings and More!

by kristen palmer

Directed by Alexandra Smith

Demeter wants more than six months with her daughter, 20th century technology will make it possible - does Persephone have a say in her own - and the world’s - fate? 



Are you a playwright working on a piece that reflects Open Theatre Project’s mission of creating art that is in meaningful conversation with our community?  Would you and your play benefit from an intensive development opportunity that includes sharing the work in-progress with an audience? 


  • Fill out the submission form and attach your script.  You will receive a confirmation that your submission has been received within 7 days.

  • Our Plays In Progress Producer will review submissions on a rolling basis, and select projects to propose to the OTP Core for development opportunities.  Criteria include: 

    • Does the work amplify the voices and stories of OTP’s core constituencies?  

    • Does the submitting artist have clear goals for the next stage of the work’s development?

    • Can OTP provide the necessary resources to support the project’s goals at this time?

    • Is there opportunity to engage the broader community around the work? 

  • The Plays In Progress Producer may reach out for additional information at various stages of the review process.

If your proposal is approved, our Plays In Progress Producer will work with you to create a development plan, gather collaborators such as a director and actors (though if you have people in mind for this, that’s awesome, too!), and facilitate a culminating sharing of the work.

Questions?  Email Plays In Progress Producer Alexandra Smith at


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