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About our OTP Company Members

In 2021, OTP took needed steps to ensure our company structure met the expectations of our vision and guiding principles. We disbanded our formal Board / Core structure, decentralized our leadership model and now have a collective leadership team. These are the first steps we have taken to begin dismantling the white supremacist structures built into OTP and American Theatre's history. 

Each company member is committed to to the success of the company as a whole while focusing on their personal involvement in different facets of the OTP Community. As audience members, creators, collaborators and trusted voices in our world, they bring to life many of the ideas that grace our stage. Company members keep OTP moving with monthly meetings and asks to be at as many OTP events as possible during the series run. Most important is the voice of each Company Member, they will get a say in what we produce, how we engage our community and more. 

Current Company Members

Dev Luthra, Christina R. Chan, Alexandra Smith, Sarah Jacobs,  Georgia Buck, Howard Zilber, Dustin Bell & Lucas Milliken

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