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Join the Company

You love theatre, we love theatre. Let's make some together!

A new way to create Art & Community together 

In the last year, we’ve dissolved our board of directors and governing by-laws, consolidated our Core, Staff & Board members into a decentralized leadership team, revised our vision statement centering our commitment to anti-racist action, policy & innovation, and now we do not move forward until the leadership of OTP is representative of the BIPOC, LGTBQIA+ and other artistic voices that have kept us evolving for 10 years. 


To help with introductions we’ve created resources like our Company Member Proposal which helps to prompt the conversations we hope to have with those interested in joining the leadership of OTP. 


Best part? No one step in this process is required to join us. If you have a path you want to take, just let us know and we’re excited to join you on it. 


Now, you probably have questions and we have details, so take a look below and we can’t wait to hear from you!

About the Company Proposal


This Company Member Proposal is the start of getting to each other and to begin the process of bringing new leadership to OTP. For over 10 years we have kept our doors open to anyone who wants to create theatre and that history is only possible thanks to new minds and artistic visions stepping onto the stage. 


Please note, this proposal, nor any of these questions are required. Our goal is to ensure anyone can be a part as an OTP Company Member. Whether you’ve never been a part of a theatre company or are a lifelong theatre maker, we hold space for all backgrounds to help us build together.  


Most importantly, we are always a work in progress and aim to make this process as accessible as possible, please let us know any accommodation you may need or any comments to make this as welcoming as possible.

We are specifically looking for:

  • People who identify as Black, Indigenous or People of Color

  • People living in the Greater Boston area

  • People who are passionate about theatre in all its forms 

  • People who can volunteer for a minimum of four hours a month to participate in company meetings or activities (2 Meetings/month while we are not producing and to be decided when we begin producing again) 

  • People who want to play an active role in shaping how Open Theatre Project creates theatre in the future

  • Ideally we would like a long term commitment and welcome curiosity for folks to try it out.


What we will be doing together


  • Create & Operate in a decentralized structure where each company member is given an equal say and vote

  • Set Short and Long Term Goals for the company and its members

  • Actively work on and support OTP Events and Projects

The Steps


  1. SUBMIT - Introduce yourself, say hello, or submit your Company Member Proposal

  2. INTRODUCTIONS - 2 Current Company Members will reach out to set up a welcome call / Zoom chat / meeting and act as Liaisons for you throughout the process.

  3. SCHEDULE - Liaisons will give an overview to full company membership and schedule time to have you join a company meeting. 

  4. JOIN AN OTP COMPANY MEETING - You will join a Bi-Weekly Company Meeting (Held on Zoom currently) to meet the current company members and see if we’re a company you want to work with. At this meeting you will introduce yourself, ask any questions, learn about the company members, and participate in general company business. This step gives you a real look at how OTP works!

  5. FINAL DECISIONS - Active Company Members will consider these steps and vote on bringing on all new members. We strive for unanimous decisions on all items including new membership.

About Open Theatre Project


Formed in 2010, Open Theatre Project has been producing theatre in the Greater Boston area from its home base at St. John’s Church in Jamaica Plain. Currently on hiatus due to Covid-19,  the Company Members have used this time to reexamine our foundation and how we structure our company. Historically, we have been a predominately white-led organization, but we have decentralized our governing structure and have drafted a new vision and clear guiding principles that center anti-racism.

Our Current Company Member Structure


The OTP Company Members work within a new leadership structure following the 2020 decision to dissolve our Board of Directors & OTP Core Management positions in order to build a decentralized & egalitarian foundation for the work we do. Each company member is given an equal vote on all large scale decisions, but many of the larger decisions and finalization of this updated structure is being left until we have strong BIPOC representation within this group.

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