Series 5 we explore our motto and our mission in new & exciting ways... and all through the lens of our community. We will be focusing on YOU and the world you want to see at Open Theatre Project. Jump on in! 


Everything that OTP has been and will be starts with our communty and the OTP Core turns those ideas into reality. Whether it be coordinating our next production, gathering our community together for a Town Hall, or welcoming more through our open doors, this group makes it happen.  

where mission meets community

2019 and beyond

OTP's Plays in Progress

New work is a tent poll of our mission and has kept us closely connected with our community since day one. Our Plays in Progress series focuses on new and local stories being given a chance to find their light.  


2019 and 2020 : St. John's Church JP

Everyone is Dying

and so am I

EVERYONE IS DYING AND SO AM I is a starry-eyed celebration of living out loud in the face of certain death. Amidst loss, anxiety, and political pandemonium, our hero Michael John finds doom everywhere he looks... Dare he look to his future? Dare he look inward? Dance with him through broken relationships and discovered identity—from challenge, through creation, to catharsis!

an OTP play in progress

by Michael John Ciszewski

workshop Productions in 2019 & beyond

JP Concerts

2019 / 2020 Season

JP Concerts is a community music program of St. John's Episcopal Church in Jamaica Plain managed by resident performing arts company, Open Theatre Project. The St. John’s sanctuary is a beautiful venue with surround-sound acoustics and an ideal location in the heart of Jamaica Plain. These concerts showcase musicians ranging from local talent to world-renowned performers.


featuring music from local ensembles by artists from all around the world

World class Concerts in the heart of jP


Open Theatre Project’s GAY SHORTS is back for its fourth year in a row featuring an evening of short plays by, for, and with LGTBQ artists from all walks of life. These 7 short plays will explore the in's and out’s of the LGTBQ experience brought to you by diverse & talented directors, actors, playwrights & crew.  

An original LGTBQ 10-Min Play Festival

May 27-May 30, 2020

SLAM Boston

Diverse Voices in Theatre

SLAM Boston Diverse Voices in Theatre (a trademark of Another Country Productions) is a ten-minute play competition modeled on a traditional poetry SLAM. The night is focused on fast-paced, diversity driven theatre bringing together 20+ local artists for two nights you won't want to miss. 


Dec 2-4 : Boston Playwrights' Theatre